dorsoOur primary goal is to create a multi-media archive that will document the history of Spanish immigrants in the United States.  Wherever and whenever possible, we will conduct our own research and post the results –photographs, documentary films, journalism, scholarship– on this site.  We will also review research that has already been undertaken, by scholars, local historians, filmmakers, etc., and, whenever possible, make that material available here as well.


Acerca del proyecto

Nuestro objetivo primordial es crear un archivo multi-media para documentar la historia de inmigrantes españoles en Estados Unidos.  Siempre que podamos, realizaremos nuestras propias investigaciones, y colgaremos aquí los resultados –fotos, documentales, periodismo, trabajos de investigación académica, etc.  También revisaremos investigaciones llevadas a cabo por otros –académicos, historiadores locales, documentalistas, etc.– y, de ser posible, pondremos ese material a la disposición de nuestros lectores.

5 Responses to About

  1. jacqueline urla manzanares says:

    This is so exciting to find. I’m doing research on my grandmother and grandfather, both from Navarra who emigrated in the early 20th century to Los Angeles, California. Will be happy to share material as I write it up. if anyone has tips on archival sources on Spaniards in the Los Angeles area please let me know.

  2. Jackie Alcalde Marr says:

    Hi Jacqueline – I’m Jackie (also Jacqueline) Alcalde Marr. All my grandparents came from Spain to Hawaii on the ships that found workers to pick sugar cane just after the turn of the century. They then went to the port of San Francisco and settled in the San Leandro/Hayward area. I’ve had a long-time dream to do my research and perhaps write a book. I’d love to share ideas with you and learn from each other how we can best find answers and uncover the fabulous stories of our ancestors. Please email me if you’re interested in sharing!

  3. joevallina says:

    Luis, me encantaría participar in cualquier manera puedo. Díme cuando estés trabajando en EEUU la próxima vez (¡antes, por favor, jaja!). Un abrazo asturiano/americano a ti.

    Xosé/Joe Vallina

  4. Mario Meré says:

    What a great site. I hope there will be more response.
    My father, Benito Meré, was born in Gijon, Asturias, in 1899. He ran away from home at the age of 14, as did many young men due to the recruitment for the revolution. He went to Cuba, then 3 years later sailed to New York eventually marrying my mother. I found this site while researching Spanish resorts in the Catskill Mountains which I remember going to with my parents, namely, Villa Nueva. My father was very closed about his life before getting married. I have spent much time trying to get more information about his early life in Spain, Cuba and NY.

    Mario Benito Meré

    • espanyu says:

      Thanks so much for the response and the memories, Mario. We’ve done a good deal of research on Villa Nueva an some of the other resorts. There are posts on our Facebook page. Please stay in touch and tell us more about your background. Best wishes,
      Jim Fernandez and Luis Argeo

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