The goal of this project is to document as fully as possible the diversity of experiences of Spaniards in the US.  In that regard, no single immigrant story is more important or more “successful”  than any other.  We recognize, nonetheless, that for pedagogical purposes, it might be helpful to single out some relatively well known immigrants and their children.

4 Responses to Portraits

  1. Armonia (Badenes) Eddy says:

    I would like to know if the last name Badenes is known in the immigrants from Spain during the XIX or XX centuries.

    • espanyu says:

      Dear friend,
      Though not among the most common of names among Spanish immigrants to the US, a search on ancestry.com does show a number of Spanish-born people with that last name living in the US in the period in question. If you have a more specific question, please let us know. We’d be happy to poke around for you.

  2. Armonia (Badenes) Eddy says:

    Thank you. I do not know an specific person of my ancestors that came to USA, but I thought to try it. I am the first generation that came to USA. My relatives came from de region of Valencia. If somebody has knowledge of somebody by the last name Badenes Montoliu I would be very pleased to know him/her. Thank you. Armonía

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