“Invisible Immigrants,” Heading Home

InvisibleImmigrants_COVER(en español abajo)

The books have left the printers. Half of the copies have been trucked to Asturias, where they are being distributed to our kickstarter backers living in Spain and Europe by Luis Argeo. The other half are in the port at Valencia; they were supposed to be embarked today, but a stevedore strike has delayed their loading. (Our ancestors knew a thing or two about strikes and labor disputes!) They are now scheduled to make the crossing aboard the “Fowairet”, which leaves Valencia on February 28. As soon as they arrive, they will be shipped to kickstarter backers living in the Americas and beyond, by Jim Fernández.

As we begin satisfying the orders of our kickstarter backers, we will also start selling the remaining copies via an internet site:www.invisibleimmigrants.com.

If you’ve already seen some reactions to the book on Facebook or elsewhere, it’s because two of our supporters, Laura Goyanes (Cleveland, Ohio) and Anthony Carreño (Tampa, Florida) have been to Spain, and were able to bring back some advance copies in their suitcases. These copies are being used for media, for a couple of book presentations, and some have been distributed to our kickstarter backers in Cleveland and Tampa. The reaction of those who have seen the book has been extremely encouraging.

Please be on the lookout over the next weeks and months for what we hope will be extensive media coverage of the book launch. Vanity Fair (Spain) has published a gorgeous 10-page spread about the book in its March issue, and several other reports are in the works.


Anthony Carreño, Laura Goyanes y Ángel Briongos, en Madrid, con uno de los primeros ejemplares de "Invisible Immigrants".

Anthony Carreño, Laura Goyanes y Ángel Briongos, en Madrid, con uno de los primeros ejemplares de “Invisible Immigrants”.

Los libros ya han dejado atrás la imprenta, a Asturias ha llegado la mitad de la tirada en camión. Desde allí, los libros serán enviados por Luis Argeo hacia los diferentes destinos de España y Europa. La otra mitad se encuentra ahora en el puerto de Valencia. Esos libros tendrían que haber iniciado travesía hoy, pero debido a la huelga de estibadores ocurrida en el puerto, aún no han sido embarcados (¡nuestros inmigrantes conocían de sobra las huelgas y tensiones laborales!). De momento, está previsto su viaje en otro barco, el “Forwairet”, que zarpará de Valencia el 28 de febrero. Serán repartidos por toda América y más allá por Jim Fernández.

Empezaremos el envío a nuestros mecenas de kickstarter en cuanto estén los libros y nuestras manos, y al mismo tiempo iniciaremos la venta a través de la página www.invisibleimmigrants.com.

Si ya habéis visto algunas reacciones al libro en Facebook, es porque dos de nuestros mecenas, Laura Goyanes (Cleveland, Ohio) y Anthony Carreño (Tampa, Florida) han estado en España, y han podido llevar algunos ejemplares a su país, en grandes maletas. Estos ejemplares se están usando para la promoción en medios de comunicación, algunas presentaciones, y unos cuantos también han sido repartidos en Cleveland y Tampa. La reacción de la gente que ha visto ya el libro ha sido extremadamente favorable.

Estad atentos a lo que esperamos sea una extensa cobertura de medios durante la promoción del proyecto. La revista Vanity Fair (España) ha publicado un estupendo reportaje de 10 páginas sobre el libro en su número de marzo (ya en quioscos), y ya esperamos nuevos reportajes en otros medios.


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5 Responses to “Invisible Immigrants,” Heading Home

  1. Andrea Galvan says:

    Acabo de pedir a través de PayPal y tan ansiosos de recibir este fabuloso libro

  2. Catherine moy says:

    Thank you for this tremendous work. I would like to ensure that we get articles about the book in the Vacaville and Fairfield, CA., newspapers. I’m a freelance writer and have worked for both. My Grandma and Grandpa Perez came to Fairfield from Hawaii after their voyage from Spain. My Grandfather, Diego, was a labor leader in Vacaville and was also key in getting airplanes to the rebels in Spain during the civil war. Is there some way I can purchase the book soon so I may review them for the newspapers? Thank you, Catherine Perez Moy Catmoy@ymail.com (707) 480-8837

    Sent from my iPad


    • espanyu says:

      Dear Catherine,
      Sorry for the delay in responding to you. We’re having a hard time keeping up with all the great things going on. We’d love to know more about your family story. Was “Melgar” your grandfather’s last name? And we’d appreciate any help getting the word out in the Vacaville/Fairfield area. The book can be ordered at invisibleimmigrants.com; the shipment should arrive from Spain to NY in mid-March, and we’ll fulfill orders asap. Best wishes,

  3. Justina says:

    My family immigrated from Sierra de Yeguas to Hawaii, then settled in California. I’ve been able to speak with many people about the lives they left behind, the opportunities in America, and changing family dynamics over time. Very interesting. Good luck with the book!

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