Invisible Immigrants under the Christmas Tree


InvisibleImmigrants_COVERA perfect Christmas gift, Invisible Immigrants is deluxe book of photographs scanned from family albums, that tells the unknown story of the tens of thousands of Spanish immigrants who settled in the US in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

For the last nine years, Spanish writer/ filmmaker Luis Argeo and NYU Professor James D. Fernández have been crisscrossing the United States and Spain, interviewing descendants of Spanish immigrants, and scanning their family albums.  In the process, they have amassed a digital archive of more than 8,000 photographs, which document the experience of the tens of thousands of Spaniards who settled in the US.Lam

Invisible Immigrants features over 300 beautifully reproduced photographs, which have been “rescued” from the privacy and invisibility of basements and attics, closets and drawers.

From Cantabrian granite workers in New England to Andalusian sugar-moyacane cutters in Hawaii; from Asturian cigar-makers in Florida to Basque sheep-herders in Idaho; from Galician sailors and dockworkers on the New York waterfront to Castilian fruit and nut farmers in California: Invisible Immigrants documents and celebrates the unsung lives of these intrepid immigrants.

If you haven’t purchased your copy already, please do so now, and consider giving Invisible Immigrants as a gift to anyone on your list interested in Spain, immigration or photography.


Children of Spanish migrant farmworkers, near Vacaville, California, c. 1920. [Courtesy, Mike Muñoz]

Invisible Immigrants: Spaniards in the US, 1868‐1945

By J.D.Fernández and Luis Argeo

Madrid: Whitestoneridge Productions,2015.

236 pp. ISBN: 978-‐84-‐617-‐2491-‐8

Price: $60.00


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